Anne Monique Nuyt

Full Professor, Director
Department of Pediatrics
University of Montreal

Anne Monique Nuyt is a full professor and director for the Department of Pediatrics of the University of Montreal’s Faculty of Medicine. Doctor and chief of service for neonatology of the CHU Ste-Justine.

She is interested in the mechanisms of the developmental origins of pathologies appearing during adult age such as high blood pressure. More specifically, she wishes to discover how oxidizing stress during the perinatal period can modify the functional and structural development of the cardiovascular system.

Anne Monique Tuyt is also chairholder of the Canada Research Chair in Prematurity and Developmental Origins of Cardiovascular Health and Diseases. She explores the essential challenges that we need to understand to prevent and to treat cardiovascular illnesses in adults born prematurely. With the progress realized in the past decades, most of newborns born before 37 weeks of pregnancy and even ones who were born before 32 weeks now survive. The new generation of these children survive and are entering adulthood, but new studies reveal something unexpected: they present a higher risk of heart diseases.

Dr Nuyt and her research team examine why these health problems develop, how they can be detected early to prevent diseases and ultimately what is the best treatment for heart diseases after a preterm birth.

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