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With the full support of the Vice-Rectory for Research, Discovery, Creation, and Innovation, as well as the Vice-Rectory for Student Affairs and Studies, the University of Montreal's Strategy in Neuroscience and Mental Health (SENSUM) was established within the "La vie repensée" project of the University of Montreal's Innovation Lab. SENSUM is a formal structure for coordination, collaboration, representation, and promotion of the university's initiatives in neuroscience and mental health. It brings together 6 faculties, 16 departments, 4 schools, 7 research centers, and 33 interdisciplinary research groups within the UdeM ecosystem.

The growing complexity of research in neuroscience and mental health requires more interdisciplinarity, cross-sectorality, and a more dynamic sharing of increasingly complex and expensive technological platforms. Moreover, technological advancements, progress in understanding the brain, and the breaking down of social barriers enable a more integrated approach to the various components of neuroscience and mental health, ensuring research has more significant outcomes and that training programs and succession planning evolve.

SENSUM aims to support excellence and interdisciplinarity in research and training. It seeks to foster innovative knowledge transfer activities for different audiences and promote the implementation of new solutions in research and practice with significant impact.

SENSUM serves as a strategic lever for the University of Montreal on both the Canadian and international stages.

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