Étienne Paradis-Gagné

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Nursing
University of Montreal

Étienne Paradis-Gagné is an assistant professor at the University of Montreal’s Faculty of Nursing.

After his undergraduate studies, he worked as a nurse in psychiatry at the Laval University Hospital Centre (CHUL) and after at the Institut national de psychiatrie légale Philippe-Pinel for 7 years where he occupied the functions of assistant-coordinator and advisor in nursing in mental health.

Étienne Paradis-Gagné’s research work is within the field of medico-legal nursing and nursing practices. Mr. Paradis-Gagné has a rich experience in mental health and in administration of nursing. He is particularly interested in the interactions between mental health and justice and in clinical and ethical challenges that are associated. They are also interested in notions of social vulnerability and in nursing practice for people who are homeless (proximity practice). He is a regular researcher for the Research Centre of the Institut national de psychiatrie légale Philippe-Pinel and in the Quebec Network on Nursing Intervention Research (RRISIQ).

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