Michel Janosz

Full Professor
School of Psychoeducation
University of Montreal

Michel Janosz is a Full Professor at the School of Psychoeducation in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the University of Montreal and is the Director of the Faculty of Continuing Studies.

He also leads the Research Group on School Environments (GRES).

Michel Janosz's research focuses on the links between school experience and the psychosocial adaptation of children and adolescents. He is interested in the causes and prevention of school dropout and violence, as well as in the implementation of best practices. Over the past ten years, he has written or co-written a hundred scientific publications and participated in more than a hundred scientific and professional communications, both nationally and internationally. He is the designer of the Socio-Educational Environment Questionnaire (QES) and the Evaluation Kit for Potential Dropouts (TEDP).

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