Michelle McKerral

Full Professor – Director
Department of Psychology
University of Montreal

Michelle McKerral is a full professor at the Department of Psychology at the University of Montreal. She is also director of the Department.

The clinical research activities of the R3 LAB, created and directed by Dr. Michelle McKerral, at the CRIR-IURDPM, aims to improve the efficiency of readaptation (i.e., implantation of cognitive and interdisciplinary interventions based on evidence-based practice) and the follow-up of the recovery of cognitive functions and social participation (i.e., utilisation of mixed methods: neuropsychological, cerebral electrophysiological imaging, results from clinicians, users, their close ones) in adults that have suffered craniocerebral trauma or other cerebral injuries (e.g. stroke) to positively influence their short and long-term well-being (e.g. return to work, quality of life).

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