Anne Crocker

Full Professor
Department of Psychiatry and Addictology (primary affiliation)
School of Criminology (secondary affiliation)
University of Montreal

Anne Crocker is a full professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Addictology and at the School of Criminology at the University of Montreal.

She also holds the position of Director of Research and Teaching at the Philippe-Pinel National Institute of Forensic Psychiatry since January 2017. In this role, she leads an interdisciplinary observatory for research in justice and mental health, as well as a training center focused on mental health, justice, and security. She is also a member of the Interuniversity Centre for Comparative Criminology (Anne Crocker - International Centre for Comparative Criminology (cicc-iccc.org)).

In Canada, as in other places, the justice system is playing an increasingly important role in access to and support for healthcare, and a growing number of individuals are transitioning between the justice, healthcare, social services systems, and homelessness.

Dr. Crocker's research program aims to shed light on the interactions between mental health and the justice system to improve access to care and the management of vulnerable populations. Her research focuses on understanding the specific needs of these individuals when they come into contact with the legal system, analyzing legislative mechanisms influencing access to and the provision of services, and developing tools for managing problematic behaviors.

The ultimate goal is to enhance the prospects of social reintegration for these marginalized individuals and to provide solutions for better coordination of services across the fields of justice, healthcare, and social services.

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