Anne Crocker

Full Professor
Department of Psychiatry and Addictology (primary affiliation)
School of Criminology (secondary affiliation)
University of Montreal

Anne Crocker is a Full Professor for the University of Montreal's department of Psychiatry and Addictology and for the Criminology School.

She is the director to research and to teaching at the National Psychiatry Institute Philippe-Pinel since January 2017. She directs an interdisciplinary research observatory in justice and mental health and a training centre in mental health, justice and safety. She is a member of the interuniversity Centre for Compared Criminology (Anne Crocker - International Centre for Comparative Criminology).

The judicial system plays an important role to access healthcare and treatments in Canada. More and more people have to adapt between the judicial system, healthcare and social services.

The research program's goal and the mobilisation of Dre Crocker's knowledge is to have a better understanding of the challenges and the characteristics of the common points between the judicial system and mental health to identify potential intervention routes, better access to services and the management of problematic behaviour of marginalized and vulnerable groups. These research aim to specifically:

  • Pinpoint the problems and the specific needs of these people when they are in contact with the judicial system.
  • Analyze legislative mechanisms linked to the access, the organisation and the prestation of services.
  • Identify user profiles who utilize services and judicial trajectory.
  • Develop, adapt and implant evaluation and management tools for agressive or criminal behaviour.
  • Identify obstacles for integration in society and in communities. Determine factors that facilitate a better integration in collectivity after judicial procedures.

The program allows to have a higher chance of success for these marginalized people and to offer solutions in the coordination of judicial, health and social services.

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